We apply several brand safety measures to ensure a secure environment for your ads, including content classification, contextual targeting, ad verification, whitelisting/blacklisting, real-time monitoring and partnerships with brand safety vendors. These measures protect your brand by preventing ad placement in inappropriate contexts, detecting and preventing ad fraud, and providing transparency and control over where your ads appear.

OIt depends on the number of sites that you want to whitelist/blacklist. A majority of our impressions come from Yahoo.com and MSN.com

We charge a flat CPM fee

Our targeting capabilities include demographic, geographical, behavioral, contextual, interest-based, remarketing/retargeting, contextual placement and device targeting. By leveraging these methods, we ensure your ads reach the right audience, in the right context, to maximize the effectiveness of your campaign.

On average, our audience extension campaigns add 45% incremental revenue to each RFP

We have worked with over 80 publishers since 2016 and run almost 700 separate direct ad campaigns. The majority of the publishers have been in the Comscore top 500.