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Expand Your Reach
Capture More Revenue

The Audience Extension Experts

Expand your content and ad campaigns beyond your website by reaching highly targeted audiences across our brand-safe network.
With over 20 years of audience extension experience, the Egami team helps you leverage user interests, online behavior and demographics.
Drive quality, engagement, and optimal campaign performance to reach the right audience effectively.

  • Overcome limited inventory to capture more RFP dollars
  • Expand your reach beyond owned and operated sites
  • Deliver content and campaigns to highly targeted audiences on brand-safe sites
  • Optimize campaign performance and maintain advertiser satisfaction



Deliver your advertisers’ campaigns to the audiences they want to reach alongside your video content on premium properties outside of your owned and operated sites. 


Deliver your display campaigns to a matched audience using demographic, contextual and keyword level targeting.


Ensure your campaigns are hitting their mark with all standard and several advanced targeting options. Let our expert team help you identify and reach your ideal audience, maximizing your reach and driving engagement.  

  • Demographic
  • Contextual
  • Geographic
  • Domains (add or block specific URLs)
  • Technology (device type, OS, browser, etc.)

Brand Safety

Advanced technology and proactive monitoring deliver a secure and suitable advertising environment to protect your brand reputation. Partner with us for peace of mind and brand-safe advertising solutions. 


Get the data you need to make informed decisions. Egami reports are easy to read and include impressions, clicks, viewability, engagement rates invalid traffic detection and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

On average, our audience extension campaigns add 45% incremental revenue to each RFP

We have worked with over 80 publishers since 2016 and run almost 700 separate direct ad campaigns. The majority of the publishers have been in the Comscore top 500.

Our targeting capabilities include demographic, geographical, behavioral, contextual, interest-based, remarketing/retargeting, contextual placement and device targeting. By leveraging these methods, we ensure your ads reach the right audience, in the right context, to maximize the effectiveness of your campaign.

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