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Discover Egami's comprehensive suite of advanced advertiser solutions, including precise targeting and uncompromising brand safety to ensure you always connect with your audience effectively and maximize the reach and engagement of your campaigns.

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Screen Stories

Screen Stories

Unleash the power of our most innovative ad unit by combining social media, articles and preroll video to amplify your brand's presence, promote your content and captivate your audience.


Captivate your audience through innovative content and advertising beautifully executed to convey your messages to increase brand awareness.
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Reach your audience through targeted ads on connected TV platforms, delivering engaging content directly to viewers' large screens in the comfort of their homes.


Promote your brand by displaying visually engaging ads on highly targeted, brand-safe websites, extending the reach of your audience.


Seamlessly integrate brand messages within relevant content, blending in naturally to provide a non-disruptive and engaging consumer experience with your brand.


Ensure your campaigns hit their mark with all standard and several advanced targeting options.

Hour, day, week, month, working hours and weekend hours in any time zone.

Include or exclude 26 IAB categories, 24 Oracle/Grapeshot content categories, 164 languages, page position (e.g.above the fold, below the fold, footer, full screen, header, sidebar) and interstitial or non-interstitial placements.

Country, Region, State (US), City, ZIP, Geofencing, DMA (US only) and include or exclude any geotargeting filter.

Apply a whitelist of specific domains to include or exclude or include/exclude specific sub-segments of sites (i.e. or specific articles.

Device type (desktop, CTV, mobile, tablet), operating system, browser version and device model.

Brand Safety

Advanced technology and proactive monitoring deliver a secure and suitable advertising environment to protect your brand reputation. Partner with us for peace of mind and brand-safe advertising solutions.


Get the data you need to make informed decisions. Egami  reports are easy to read and include impressions, clicks, viewability, engagement rates invalid traffic detection and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We charge a flat CPM fee

Our targeting capabilities include demographic, geographical, behavioral, contextual, interest-based, remarketing/retargeting, contextual placement and device targeting. By leveraging these methods, we ensure your ads reach the right audience, in the right context, to maximize the effectiveness of your campaign.

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