Case study

Verizon Media: Audience Extension at Scale

The Challenge

Tim Mahlman (President, Verizon Media Platforms) and his team had successfully onboarded millions of pieces of video content from thousands of content producers. But they needed a way to distribute it and to get the content in front of their target audience. This meant finding an effective content distribution partner that would get their videos and ads seen by millions each month.

The Solution

That's when the team at stepped up to the plate. is a video content distribution company that specializes in helping content providers distribute their video content and ads on a variety of platforms. 

The Egami team started by setting up a network of domains for the content providers. They then created an algorithm that would accurately distribute the content and ads to the right place, making sure it was seen by the right people. Egami’s groundbreaking content distribution system allowed 478 content providers to distribute 4.4 billion pieces of content on 2054 domains.


The outcomes were remarkable. In a matter of weeks, the video content garnered millions of views across various platforms worldwide.


Content Providers

Peac of Content


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Quote from the client

The results were amazing. Within weeks, the video content was being viewed by millions ofpeople on different sites all around the world. became our go-to partner in contentdistribution

Tim Mahlman

President, Verizon Media Platforms

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